Hertz’s Troubled EV Rollout: Ride-Share Drivers Bear the Brunt

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Hertz is selling its EVs because it botched the rollout for ride-share drivers It's a precautionary tale for how to assess new markets — and how not to introduce a new product. Hertz made a splash in 2021 when it announced that it would buy 100,000 Tesla Model 3 sedans in a little over a year. Hertz said in an SEC filing that it would be selling 20,000 of its EVs and replacing them with fossil fuel-powered vehicles. After Hertz started buying EVs, it directed most of them to Uber drivers. Uber drivers also rented the cars for longer periods of time, Hertz said, meaning that fewer employees were needed to support a given number of vehicles.

Microsoft Increases its Focus on EU Data Localization with Inclusion of System Logs

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The latest deployment to the “EU Data Boundary for the Microsoft Cloud”, as it brands the infrastructure, kicked off in at the start of last year. Efforts to understand where digital information is being processed and stored, and even to co-locate data in the same country/region as customers — aka data localization — can be important considerations under EU data protection laws. “This means the EU Data Boundary now includes pseudonymized personal data. It says the new resources can be accessed via the EU Data Boundary Trust Center webpage. Another enhancement of the data localization offer her blog post flags is the deployment of virtual desktop infrastructure within the EU Data Boundary.