“Revolutionizing Clinics: Anima Healthcare Platform Secures $12M in Funding, Empowering with Salesforce-inspired Features”

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Thankfully, there’s a new wave of startups entering the arena: UK startup Anima is a “care enablement” platform that operates almost like a combination of Slack, Salesforce and Figma, but for healthcare clinics and hospitals. Anima, a graduate of Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 batch, launched in September 2022 and is now used in 150 NHS clinics in England. The startup’s software lets clinic staff process and file healthcare documents, but adds in a higher degree of automation compared to legacy systems. In the U.S., Memora Health has raised $80.5 million, and NexHealth, which is post-Series C, has raised $177.2 million to date. I trained as a doctor at Cambridge, and I’m a self-taught software engineer who wrote a lot of the code for Anima.