SambaNova introduces an all-inclusive collection of generative artificial intelligence models

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SambaNova, an AI chip startup that’s raised over $1.1 billion in VC money to date, is gunning for OpenAI — and rivals — with a new generative AI product geared toward enterprise customers. SambaNova today announced Samba-1, an AI-powered system designed for tasks like text rewriting, coding, language translation and more. The company’s calling the architecture a “composition of experts” — a jargony name for a bundle of generative open source AI models, 56 in total. But is Samba-1 really superior to the many, many other AI systems for business tasks out there, least of which OpenAI’s models? Rather, it’s a set-it-and-forget it package — a full-stack solution with everything included, including AI chips, to build AI applications.