Bookmark Your Favorite Posts with Threads’ New Feature!

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While the bookmarking icon is within easy reach on X at the bottom of the post, the new feature on Threads is a bit more hidden. That’s because Instagram is rolling out new Threads features in phases over time, not to all of the Threads user base at once. Bookmarks aren’t the only new feature being spotted by Threads users. Another Threads user noticed they’ve now begun to receive notifications from Threads and Facebook in their Instagram notifications. In another effort to grow its app, Threads also began testing a cross-posting feature from Facebook to Threads, the company confirmed last week.

“Maximizing Battery Life: The Power of Dual Chips and Wear OS Tweaks in the OnePlus Watch 2”

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Officially unveiled this morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona after a few months of teases, the OnePlus Watch 2 does get some points for originality. Battery continues to be the lowest hanging fruit in the smartwatch world. Like the Apple Watch, OnePlus’ Watch 2 has a Power Saving Mode. The company notes,WearOS apps and the Always On Display will not work when the device is in Power Saving Mode. Other features such as calling, messaging, and exercise modes will still work on Power Saving Mode however some of their more power intensive functions will be limited to preserve battery life, eg.