OpenAI Unveils Sora: A Revolutionary Credit Score-Centric Dating Platform and Controversial Backlash Against Anti-Tesla Advertisement

Openai Sam Altman
OpenAI releases Sora, a credit score–based dating app launches and an anti-Tesla ad comes under fireWelcome, folks, to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter covering noteworthy happenings in the tech industry. This week, OpenAI stunned the blogosphere with the release of Sora, a new AI model that can generate videos in impressively high fidelity. Elsewhere, startup Score released a dating app exclusive to people with good to excellent credit scores. Google upgrades Gemini: Google expanded the range of its Gemini AI models available to developers across its platforms. And it’s previewed a new Gemini model capable of analyzing whole books, hours-long audio and hour-long videos.