“ Raises $70M for Unveiling a Next-Generation, Multimodal GenAI Processor”

Krishna Rangasayee Sima Ai Founder, named after Seema, the Hindi word for “boundary,” strives to leverage this shift by offering its edge AI SoC to organizations across industrial manufacturing, retail, aerospace, defense, agriculture and healthcare sectors. As the demand for GenAI is growing, is set to introduce its second-generation ML SoC in the first quarter of 2025 with an emphasis on providing its customers with multimodal GenAI capability. The new SoC will be an “evolutionary change” over its predecessor with “a few architectural tunings” over the existing ML chipset, Rangasayee said. It would work as a single-edge platform for all AI across computer vision, transformers and multimodal GenAI, the startup said. The second-generation chipset will be based on TSMC’s 6nm process technology and include Synopsys EV74 embedded vision processors for pre- and post-processing in computer vision applications.