ServiceNow Implements AI with a Blend of Building, Purchasing, and Collaborating

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Part of the shift to AI comes internally by building, some come via acquisitions and some come from partnering widely, says VP of corporate business development Philip Kirk. Lara Greden, an analyst at IDC who covers ServiceNow, says going beyond building is a big part of every company’s strategy when it comes to AI. “Like other major waves of technology innovation, breakthrough capabilities in generative AI are coming through entities that have laser focused on the tech itself, in other words: startups. “ServiceNow’s focus has been on integrating generative AI to improve entire workflows, not just single processes or tasks. They also play an important role in guiding customers with best practices around data governance and control.”The Washington release is available starting on Wednesday for all ServiceNow customers.

ServiceNow to Enhance Task Mining Capabilities with Newest Acquisition

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ServiceNow announced this morning that it was acquiring Czech Republic task mining company UltimateSuite, giving the company a new way to capture and understand how work flows through a business. Task mining is a part of process mining, a growing worldwide market that helps companies understand how work flows through an organization, looking for bottlenecks in order to increase efficiency. UltimateSuite is substantially smaller, having raised less than $1 million, but it gives ServiceNow another tool in its task mining arsenal, says Eduardo Chiocconi, VP and GM for process mining at ServiceNow. Prior to acquisition of UltimateSuite, the company had the ability to drill down into a workflow, but lacked the ability to get down to the user task level. And that’s exactly what UltimateSuite task mining is coming in to help us with,” Chiocconi told TechCrunch.