“Viral Topless Trend Amidst Twitch Attire Policy Update Comes to a Halt”

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Twitch is effectively banning the “topless meta” and other implied nudity streams with another update to its attire policy. Although the content didn’t technically violate Twitch’s attire policy forbidding actual nudity, and was properly tagged for “Sexual Themes,” the streams were still controversial in the Twitch community. Twitch has reworked its content policies regarding nudity and sexual themes multiple times in the past month. The topless meta went viral late last year when streamer and OnlyFans model Morgpie began appearing naked in streams. Her “topless” streams were framed to show her bare shoulders, upper chest and cleavage.

Twitch Tightens Rules on Exposed Skin, Reverses “Artistic Nudity” Guidelines

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Days after freeing the (fictionalized) nipple, Twitch is backtracking on its “artistic nudity” policy that allowed streamers to show illustrated, animated or sculpted renderings of breasts, butts and genitals. The announcement comes days after Twitch announced sweeping updates to its sexual content policy, which streamlined the platform’s community guidelines and allowed nudity in certain contexts, such as art streams. Moderating “artistic nudity” or “non-sexual nudity” is trickier because the line between nudity and sexual content tends to be subjective. The sites with the clearest guidelines either allow nudity and sexual content altogether, or don’t. Conditional nudity policies that attempt to separate “good nudity,” like in art, from “bad nudity,” or sexual content, aren’t as progressive as they’re made out to be.

Twitch’s Third Policy Unmasks Inked Nips, Excludes Human Unders

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Twitch announced sweeping updates to its sexual content policy and content classification system, which now allows previously prohibited content like illustrated nipples and “erotic dances,” in addition to clarifying what nudity is and isn’t allowed on the platform. The framing implied nudity, but never actually showed content that explicitly violated Twitch’s sexual content policies. Other streamers, who were predominantly male, were enraged by Morgpie’s content and called for Twitch to crack down on the apparent nudity. The new policy is meticulously detailed and accounts for various situations, but also appears to contradict itself. By clarifying what is and isn’t allowed, Twitch believes that it’ll be easier for streamers to comply with its policies.