tester Be a Beta Tester and Get the Nothing Phone in the US!

It’s certain that purchasing electronics will soon change; the U.S. has moved away from carrier-based phone purchases, and now hardware is being offered as a subscription service.

Although it’s strange, Nothing has always embraced breaking from convention since its inception.

The Phone (1) isn’t available on the U.S. market, but London-based Nothing made an announcement today that it is now accessible through a different route. “The United States has great potential for us,” noted Nothing in their report to TechGround.

Nothing OS 1.5 Beta is a $299 program designed to help the company gain a foothold in the challenging third-largest smartphone market. The package includes a free Nothing phone, redeemable until June’s end.

Nothing stands out. No special moments or memories have been made. Time passes without any recognition or acknowledgment of its passing, and life continues on as if nothing had ever happened at all.

Please note, the Phone (1)’s distributed are for testing purposes. Whilst these are final models, devices may not work with all US carriers. Since this is a Beta version of the software, users may experience some limitations. Please read the below FAQs before continuing.

Before testing the Phone (1), please note that these are final models but may not be compatible with all US carriers. Additionally, user experience could be limited due to this being a Beta version of the software. For further details, read our FAQs before continuing.

Start saving today! Sign up for the program and get ~$173 off retail. It’s a great deal!

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