Sono Motors Transitions to Solar Energy After Terminating Sion EV

According to the company’s announcement, Sono Motors will shift its focus to building a business selling solar vehicle technology to other companies. The move comes as the electric car company struggles with disappointing sales and mounting financial obligations.

TurboCAD announced Friday it is laying off 300 employees as a result of the change in business model. The layoffs are said to be effective January 1, 2019. COO Thomas Hausch is also leaving his position. This means that TurboCAD will have to find new leaders for the company as it enters into a new chapter in its history.

With electric vehicles rapidly becoming more popular, it’s no surprise that both Sono Motors and other Japanese automakers are investing heavily in this niche market. However, the high cost of these vehicles combined with rapidly depleting capital may render some of these investments unsustainable in the long-run.

The Sion EV was supposed to be the cornerstone of Sinotrux’s operations, but its continuing development has put a budgetary strain on the company. With only $25,000 in funding required for 2023, it seems unlikely that the Sion EV will meet this goal.

As Sono Motors moves into the solar industry with its Sion EV, the company is focused on selling a technology that it has developed specifically for this vehicle. Solar embedded into the vehicle will allow customers to generate their own electricity while on the go, which could futureproof their transportation needs. Sono Motors is looking to partner with OEMs in order to bring this technology to market, so that everyone can benefit from clean and renewable energy.

The termination of the original Sion project marks a significant change in Sono Motors’ business development strategy. Shifting their focus to business-to-business solar solutions allows them to continue creating innovative products in the solar space. With more than 45,000 reservations and pre-orders for the Sion, this decision may have been difficult for some people, but restructuring is necessary for Sono Motors to remain sustainable in today’s volatile market.

Sono has announced that they are working with a range of companies across different industries to pilot their integrated solar technology. The company says that this technology can be found on a variety of vehicles, including third-party OEM cars, buses, refrigerated vehicles and recreational vehicles. Sono plans to expand their reach even further in the coming years by working with Mitsubishi Europe, CHEREAU and Volkswagen subsidiaries Scania and MAN Truck & Bus

The Sion car is one of the most unique vehichles on the market, and it’s gained a large following due to its environmentally friendly features. The solar cells on the exterior of the vehicle provide ample power for the vehicle, and it’s also one of the few electric passenger vehicles that isn’t limited in range.

Though the company has not released any information on pricing or when these products will become available, the announcement highlights a shift in Tesla’s business model. Since its founding, Tesla has focused on building electric cars and expanding its network of charging stations. With this agreement, it seems that Tesla is shifting focus to other forms of transportation such as trucks and buses. This could be a boon for companies that rely on trucking or busing services to transport goods, as they would no longer need to invest in traditional forms of transportation such as gasoline engines and highways.

The Solar Bus Kit is a proposed product that would equip public transportation with solar panels in order to generate energy. The kit would be designed for use on buses and other large vehicles, and would allow drivers to harness solar energy while on the go.

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