Ford Announces Major Investment to Make Canadian Factory a Leading EV Manufacturing Hub

Ford is spearheading a new era of electric vehicles, and this investment will help them continue to lead the way forward. With technology that is both cutting-edge and practical, the Ford Electric Fusion will be a popular choice among consumers.

The modernization of the Oakville Electric Vehicle Complex will make it one of the most advanced electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the world. The BlueOval SK Battery Park, which is being added to the campus, will provide cells and arrays for the plant’s batteries, making it possible for workers to assemble and install batteries into EVs quickly and easily.

The new electric and digitally connected vehicles produced by Oakville are sure to impress the world. With cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, these cars will be perfect for a variety of users.

Ford has long been a frontrunner in the automotive industry when it comes to adopting new technology, and the company is now investing heavily to upgrade its existing facilities and build new ones as it switches from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. The company plans to have a fully-electric lineup by 2020, and it’s receiving praise for its ambitious plan from both consumers and environmentalists.

Ford plans to invest $5.6 billion in a new complex in Tennessee known as BlueOval, which will be the company’s central hub for future electric vehicles production. The move marks a significant departure from Ford’s traditional product line-up, and signals the automobile manufacturer’s commitment to emerging technologies such as electric vehicles. Ford has also announced plans to modernize its assembly plant in Cologne, Germany and to build a new facility that is expected to produce 600,000 cars per year by 2020.

In 2025, Ford will unveil a next-generation electric truck, code named Project T3, at its BlueOval City complex outside of Memphis. The plant will produce 500,000 vehicles a year and is expected to revolutionize the truck industry.

Construction at BlueOval City began last fall. The $5.8 billion sister site in Kentucky, called BlueOvalSK Battery Park, will house a pair of battery plants that are expected to create 2,000 jobs upon completion. The facility is expected to be operational by 2020.

While the company’s electric vehicles are still fairly expensive, it is investing increasingly in alternative sources of energy, like lithium iron phosphate batteries. With this new factory in Michigan, it will be able to produce these batteries at a much cheaper price than competitors, potentially making its electric vehicles more accessible to consumers.

Given that Ford is working with CATL, it is likely that NMC technology will not be available through the factory. In consideration of this, EV drivers may want to consider other manufacturers when purchasing their next car.

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