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The humble computer mouse hasn’t seen a huge amount of innovation since it was invented – and let’s be honest, it isn’t a particularly ergonomically friendly piece of kit. “It all started with a friend of mine who’s creative director whose hand became injured from repetitive motion on a mouse. Moustrap is expected to hit the market in about three months – but don’t expect it to be cheap. Despite the high-end price tag, Federici has chosen to bootstrap the project himself, with no immediate plans for seeking investors. With a manufacturing partner lined up in China, Moustrap is well on its way to finding its way to users.

The computer mouse, a humble yet essential tool, has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. Its lack of ergonomic design has caused much strain for those who heavily rely on it, such as designers, artists, and 3D modelers. In response, Moustrap has emerged as a premium mouse with the goal of increasing productivity and reducing physical strain.

“It all started with a friend of mine who’s creative director whose hand became injured from repetitive motion on a mouse. And he had to have his tendon cut to release his finger. And I just thought, why, why are we doing this,”

– Andrew Federici, TechCrunch, CES 2024

Federici, the brains behind Moustrap, recognized the need for change after witnessing his friend’s injury. He discovered that the computer mouse has lacked innovation for decades and has not kept up with the demands of modern users.

“It’s a fixed heavy, supple luxury piece of art that sits on your desk, but it’s functional and it’s ergonomic,” Federici explains, describing the leather-covered Moustrap. The team’s main focus has been creating a mouse that is not only comfortable but also enjoyable to use.

The prototype of Moustrap is complete and the team is now finalizing the electronics. It is set to launch in three months, but don’t expect it to come cheap. With its target audience being CAD designers, graphic designers, and those who spend hours using a mouse, the price point will be higher than traditional computer mice, estimated at $400-500.

Federici, who has also suffered from hand strain, disagrees with those who consider Moustrap as a high-end gadget for a small market. He believes it has the potential to benefit anyone who regularly uses a mouse.

Despite its premium price, Federici is self-funding the project and has no immediate plans to seek investors. However, he remains open to potential opportunities. With a manufacturing partner in China, Moustrap is well on its way to reaching users worldwide.

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