Check out Apple’s updated right to repair stance in light of their new iPhone policy

Apple’s stance on the right to repair has now become more accommodative, with the company now supporting used parts for iPhone 15 repairs that can include the camera, display, and battery. While Apple’s move is welcome to many, it does answer a series of questions: If your iPhone breaks, should you have the right to fix it? If you want to fix your iPhone, should you be able to do that yourself, or be forced to go to the manufacturer? And if you are going to fix your iPhone yourself — or pay a third-party to help — should you be able to use whatever parts will work? Apple pushed back vocally against criticism of parts pairing, and has recently backed laws in several states that enshrine consumer repair options.

Apple’s attitude towards the right to repair has taken a turn towards accommodation. The company has now extended support for used parts to be used in iPhone 15 repairs, including the camera, display, and battery. According to TechCrunch, components that did not require “configuration” functioned in a similar manner.

While this may be welcome news for many, it raises a series of important questions: Should you have the right to fix your iPhone if it breaks? Should you be allowed to repair your phone on your own or be obligated to go to the manufacturer? And if you do choose to fix your iPhone yourself or seek help from a third-party, should you be able to use any compatible parts? The answer to all of these questions is increasingly becoming a resounding “yes”.

Gone are the days when a simple wrench and some determination could fix whatever you had purchased. Today’s electronic devices are incredibly complex and often designed in a way that restricts consumer choice. The difficulty of repairing them has given manufacturers more control over the repair process. However, by allowing consumers more power over the repair of their iPhones, regardless of the product or maker, some of the power is shifting back to the purchaser, much to the satisfaction of many.

Apple has strongly defended its practice of pairing parts, but has also recently supported legislation in several states that guarantees consumer repair options. Regardless of one’s opinion on Apple’s previous stance and whether or not it is consistent with their current position, it is evident that the market is leaning towards more choice and control for consumers. Long live device owners who now hold more authority over their own devices.

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