May 14-15: Get Ready for Google I/O!

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While the rest of you are out there touching the proverbial and literal grass, the world’s developers are jamming into conference halls to find out what the next year holds for AI and OSes. Things kick off next week with NVIDIA’s GTC, with the next few months holding Microsoft Build, Apple’s WWDC and, of course, Google I/O. Invites just dropped for the latter, which is set for May 14 and 15 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California — the usual spot. We’ve still got two months to book travel, but we’ll be there (I might pack a hat this time). While the show is aimed specifically at developers for Google’s various operating systems, things customarily kick off with a Sundar-led keynote.

SpaceX Aims for March 14 Launch of Next Starship Test Flight

Starship Wet Dress Rehearsal
SpaceX is aiming to launch its massive Starship rocket for the third time as soon as March 14, the company confirmed in a social media post Wednesday. SpaceX is still awaiting regulatory approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the launch, without which Starship will remain grounded. SpaceX conducted the first Starship orbital flight test last April; there was a seven-month gap between it and the second test, which took place last November. Both ended with mid-air explosions of the Super Heavy booster and the upper stage (which is also called Starship). Meanwhile, the Starship upper stage will continue its ascent to orbit.

14 Million Customers’ Personal Data Stolen by Hackers Under the Watch of Mr. Cooper

Mr Cooper Cybersecurity Breach Data Hack Getty
Hackers stole the sensitive personal information of more than 14.6 million Mr. Cooper customers, the mortgage and loan giant has confirmed. In a filing with Maine’s attorney general’s office, Mr. Cooper said the hackers stole customer names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, as well as customer Social Security numbers and bank account numbers. Mr. Cooper previously said that customer banking information was stored by a third-party company and believed to be unaffected. Mr. Cooper said in its data breach notification letter to affected victims that the stolen data includes personal information on those whose mortgage was previously acquired or serviced by the company when it was known as Nationstar Mortgage, prior to its rebranding as Mr. Cooper. Do you work at Mr. Cooper and know more about the cyberattack?