May 14-15: Get Ready for Google I/O!

While the rest of you are out there touching the proverbial and literal grass, the world’s developers are jamming into conference halls to find out what the next year holds for AI and OSes. Things kick off next week with NVIDIA’s GTC, with the next few months holding Microsoft Build, Apple’s WWDC and, of course, Google I/O. Invites just dropped for the latter, which is set for May 14 and 15 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California — the usual spot. We’ve still got two months to book travel, but we’ll be there (I might pack a hat this time). While the show is aimed specifically at developers for Google’s various operating systems, things customarily kick off with a Sundar-led keynote.

Developer Season is Coming!

The sun is peeking out behind the clouds and the birds are chirping away. All signs point to one thing: developer season is almost here. While the rest of the world is busy frolicking in the grass, developers are gearing up for an exciting season of conferences and events. Starting next week with NVIDIA’s GTC, followed by Microsoft Build, Apple’s WWDC, and of course, Google I/O in the next few months.

Invitations have just been released for Google’s highly anticipated event, set to take place on May 14 and 15 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California – the usual location. As I sit here writing this, I am outside and a banner-bearing plane is flying overhead. Suddenly, a bird swoops down and relieves itself on my shoulder (I wish I was making this up). But despite this messy encounter, I feel fully prepared for the exciting event ahead. And with two months to go, there’s plenty of time to book travel arrangements (note to self: pack a hat this time).

While Google I/O is primarily geared towards developers working with the company’s operating systems, the event typically kicks off with a keynote from CEO Sundar Pichai. Attendees can expect updates on Android, Wear OS, Gmail, and more, as well as exciting announcements in the realm of consumer hardware (yes, Pixel 8a, we’re looking at you) and cutting-edge AI advancements. Who knows, there may even be some skydivers thrown into the mix – but unfortunately, bird droppings are not optional. Such is the life of a tech journalist, I suppose.

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