74 Robotics Companies Seeking New Employees!

Robo Jobs
It’s tough out there — and yet, doing my semi-regular jobs post always gives me hope. Seems every time I post one of these, the number increases. At 74 companies, this is undoubtedly the largest list we’ve made, by a wide margin. That means more work for me in putting this post together, but if it helps a few folks find some work, it was definitely worth it. 1X Technologies (23 roles)Advanced Construction Robotics (4 roles)Aescape (5 roles)Aethon (5 roles)Agility Robotics (5 roles)Allvision (2 roles)Ambi Robotics (2 roles)ANYbotics (25 roles)Apptronik (16 roles)Astrobotic (23 roles)Atomic Machines (2 roles)Aurora (40 careers)Baubot (10 roles)Bear Robotics (13 roles)BHS Robotics (8 roles)Bloomfield Robotics (5 roles)Boxbot (3 roles)Carnegie Robotics (1 role)Cepheid (4 roles)Chef Robotics (15 roles)Civ Robotics (5 roles)Collaborative Robotics (10 roles)Covariant (20 roles)Dexterity (42 roles)Edge Case Research (1 role)Ekumen (3 roles)Enchanted Tools (50 roles)Engineered Arts (1 role)Exotec (174 roles)Eye-Bot (4 roles)Forcen (4 roles)Formant, Inc. (4 roles)Formic (8 roles)Formlogic (12 roles)Four Growers (4 roles)Foxglove (2 roles)Fulfil Solutions (15 roles)Gecko Robotics (18 roles)GrayMatter Robotics (11 roles)Hellbender (6 roles)Johnson & Johnson Med Tech (1 role)Keybotic (2 roles)Matic Robots (10 roles)Medra (3 roles)Mine Vision Systems (2 roles)Near Earth Autonomy (4 roles)Neocis (15 roles)Neubility (1 role)Neuraville (8 roles)Neya Systems (9 roles)Nimble Robotics (8 roles)Nuro (40 roles)Onward Robotics (2 roles)Plus.ai (3 roles)Polymath Robotics (2 roles)Pudu Robotics (2 roles)Pyka (10 roles)Reliable Robotics (36 roles)Roboto AI (1 role)Robust AI (14 roles)Sanctuary AI (14 roles)Sakar Robotics (6 roles)Scythe Robotics (11 roles)Seegrid (10 roles)Sphinx (5 roles)Stack AV (40 roles)Sunnybotics (2 roles)The AI Institute (19 roles)Titan Robotics (3 roles)UnitX (8 roles)Vecna Robotics (7 roles)Vention (20 roles)Viam (4 roles)Volley Automation (10 roles)

Introducing Vertex AI Public Preview: Gemini Pro 1.5 by Google

Google Gemini 1
Gemini 1.5 Pro, Google’s most capable generative AI model, is now available in public preview on Vertex AI, Google’s enterprise-focused AI development platform. Gemini 1.5 Pro launched in February, joining Google’s Gemini family of generative AI models. Gemini 1.5 was incredibly able to find the specific perfect 50 dunk and details from just its long context video understanding! Gemini 1.5 Pro doesn’t process a million tokens at the snap of a finger. Google previously said that latency is an area of focus, though, and that it’s working to “optimize” Gemini 1.5 Pro as time goes on.

“Premium Spotify users in Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand can now enjoy free audiobooks with new perk launch”

Audiobooks Spotify
Spotify announced on Tuesday that it’s bringing its free audiobooks perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Users in these markets will be able to access 15 hours of free monthly audiobook listening time. Spotify says users have listened to more than 150,000 titles since the free service’s launch last November. If you run out of listening hours, you can purchase additional 10-hour allocations for CAD $14.99, IRE €12.99, and NZD $19.99. Spotify recently launched a $9.99 per month plan that allows its free users to access its audiobooks collection in the U.S.

May 14-15: Get Ready for Google I/O!

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While the rest of you are out there touching the proverbial and literal grass, the world’s developers are jamming into conference halls to find out what the next year holds for AI and OSes. Things kick off next week with NVIDIA’s GTC, with the next few months holding Microsoft Build, Apple’s WWDC and, of course, Google I/O. Invites just dropped for the latter, which is set for May 14 and 15 at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California — the usual spot. We’ve still got two months to book travel, but we’ll be there (I might pack a hat this time). While the show is aimed specifically at developers for Google’s various operating systems, things customarily kick off with a Sundar-led keynote.

“Enhance Your Insta-DM Game: Edit Sent Messages Up to 15 Minutes Later!”

Instagram Edit Dms
Instagram announced today that it’s rolling out the ability for users to edit their direct messages for up to 15 minutes after sending them. The ability to edit your DMs lets you fix a typo or change things around if your message doesn’t quite sound right. To edit a message, you need to press and hold it, and then then choose “edit” from the dropdown menu. The feature works similar to Apple’s edit feature for iMessage, which launched nearly two years ago. Instagram also recently started allowing all users to turn read receipts off, for all of their chats or specific ones.

Spotify Introduces a New Audiobooks Service for Free Users at Just $9.99 per Month

Spotifyaudiobooks 1
After adding 15 hours of free audiobooks listening to its subscription plan late last year, Spotify today is introducing a $9.99 per month option that will allow its free users to also access its audiobooks collection. With the addition, free Spotify users will able to continue to stream music and podcasts via its ad-supported service, but pay to listen to audiobooks without having to buy a Spotify subscription. However, the move could allow Spotify to upsell audiobooks to customers who aren’t as interested in its music service, or who regularly use another app for that. 15 hours is fairly generous, as it often encompasses more listening time than one audiobook alone, if not two shorter books. The company today also offered an update on the interest that free users have for audiobooks, noting that since launching audiobooks for its Premium subscribers, it’s seen a 45% increase in free users searching for and interacting with audiobook content each day.

Fisker Cuts 15% of Workforce and Reserves Additional Funds for Challenging Times Ahead

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Fisker is laying off 15% of staff and says it needs more cash ahead of a “difficult year”Electric vehicle startup Fisker is planning to lay off 15% of its workforce and says it likely does not have enough cash on hand to survive the next 12 months. “[W]e have put a plan in place to streamline the company as we prepare for another difficult year,” founder and CEO Henrik Fisker said in a statement. Fisker said Thursday that it finished 2023 with $396 million in cash, though $70 million of that is restricted. The company says it is talking with one of its lenders about making “an additional investment” in the company. Fisker has also been dealing with a number of problems with its Ocean SUV, its only model so far, as TechCrunch reported earlier this month.

iPhone 15 dominates with 50% of Apple’s India smartphone shipments

Iphone 15 Getty
The iPhone 15 and its many iterations comprised more than half of Apple’s Q4 smartphone shipments of nearly 2.8 million units in India, Canalys said in its quarterly report. Apple started selling the iPhone 15 series in India in the first batch of its availability in September. Nonetheless, Apple is becoming a familiar brand in the Indian smartphone market and is rapidly growing its local presence. However, the country saw a minimal 2% yearly drop, with 148.6 million smartphone units shipped in 2023. “Canalys expects the Indian smartphone market to grow by mid-single digits in 2024, driven by affordable 5G and the pandemic period replacement cycle.

COP28: The Long-Awaited Recognition of Global Truth

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I have a confession to make: I don’t usually follow the UN climate change conference proceedings until the very end. Not because it was hosted by an oil and gas power, and not because neither President Biden nor the Pope attended. Rather, I’ve come to view all Conferences of the Parties (COP) as lagging indicators of what needs to happen. More recently, they’ve also become lagging indicators of what’s actually happening in the world. Documents leaked shortly before COP28 showed that the country was planning to use the meeting to strike oil and gas deals with 15 countries.