“Memecoin Craze Drives Solana to Reach $160 – Its Peak Since January 2022”

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The cryptocurrency passed $160 on Wednesday, marking its highest price since January 2022. So it’s not surprising that the growth and traction on its blockchain is also being transpired through to its token. Since mid-December, a number of Shiba Inu dog-themed tokens on the Solana blockchain like Bonk and dogwifhat have taken off. (Please note none of this is financial advice, but one of the reasons that could point to Solana’s price increase.) Memecoins in general have seen a huge rally as the crypto market continues to thaw from its most recent winter.

“Global Rollout: TikTok Introduces Exciting ‘Add to Music’ Feature Across 160+ Nations”

TikTok launches its ‘Add to Music app’ feature available in over 160 countriesTikTok announced today that it is launching its “Add to Music app” feature, which lets users add a song playing on a clip to services like Apple Music and Spotify, in 163 new countries. The function lets users add the song to Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify depending on the availability in the region. They can tap on the button and select the music service of their choice the first time. Last year, ByteDance launched its music service TikTok Music in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company added it is is working on making the Add to Music App feature available to TikTok Music users soon.