“Global Rollout: TikTok Introduces Exciting ‘Add to Music’ Feature Across 160+ Nations”

TikTok launches its ‘Add to Music app’ feature available in over 160 countriesTikTok announced today that it is launching its “Add to Music app” feature, which lets users add a song playing on a clip to services like Apple Music and Spotify, in 163 new countries. The function lets users add the song to Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify depending on the availability in the region. They can tap on the button and select the music service of their choice the first time. Last year, ByteDance launched its music service TikTok Music in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company added it is is working on making the Add to Music App feature available to TikTok Music users soon.

TikTok has officially launched its latest feature, “Add to Music app”, in 163 new countries. This exciting new addition allows users to seamlessly add the song playing in a TikTok video to popular music services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

The impressive list of newly added regions includes Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, Cameroon, Denmark, Egypt, Ghana, Guyana, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Maldives, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe. This brings the total number of countries with access to the feature to over 160.

“TikTok first introduced the ‘Add to Music app’ feature in the U.S. and UK last November, and later expanded it to 19 additional countries, including Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines.”

The process is simple for users – they can now tap on the “Add Music” button displayed below the video description and track name. This will give them the option of selecting either Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify, depending on availability in their region. Users can change their default music service by accessing the “Music” menu in their settings.

If users do not select a specific playlist in which to add the song, it will automatically be saved to a default list, similar to Spotify’s popular “Liked Songs” feature.

The collaboration between TikTok and Spotify is a strategic move for both companies, as Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström acknowledged the significant role social media plays in music discovery. In addition to integrating with TikTok, Spotify has also partnered with other platforms such as BeReal, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter (now X) to make it easier for users to add songs directly to their library.

Last year, parent company ByteDance launched its own music streaming service, TikTok Music, in several countries, including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia. The goal is to eventually make the “Add to Music app” feature available to TikTok Music users as well.

With its latest feature now available in 163 countries, TikTok continues to expand its global impact and make the popular app even more user-friendly. So next time you come across a catchy song on a TikTok video, take advantage of the “Add to Music app” feature and easily add it to your library on your preferred music service. Happy listening!

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