“Porn Mogul Pays Over $1.5M to Settle US Sex Trafficking Investigation”

Pornhub Glitch
Pornhub’s parent company Aylo Holdings will pay $1.8 million to the U.S. government to resolve a charge of profiting off of sex trafficking. In the worst cases, this can mean that victims of sex trafficking are portrayed in these adult videos against their will, or even without their knowledge. By 2019, a federal grand jury in the Southern District of California indicted GDP for sex trafficking, among other charges. But it wasn’t until several months after GDP was found guilty of sex trafficking that the network’s videos were removed from Pornhub and other Aylo sites. Among other safety measures, the act requires platforms to comply with certain child protection provisions.

“Soum receives $18M in funding to expand in the MENA region as a re-commerce leader”

Soum Cofounders Bader Almubarak Fahad Alhassan And Fahad Albassam Min
The global re-commerce market is poised for growth as consumers increasingly settle for pre-owned goods to save on cost, and as some observe conscious consumption. With the global re-commerce market expected to continue its growth spurt, C2C marketplaces like Saudi Arabia’s Soum are looking to capture users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Soum was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2021, and is now eyeing growth expansion to other MENA countries, beginning with the United Arabs Emirates. Beyond expansion, the startup, whose top listings are electronics, is also increasing the categories it covers by including products like automobiles and collectibles. This is the preposition that Soum brings to the table.”Soum manages the entire process from listing to delivery.

Guardz Secures $18 Million for Growth of SMB AI Security Platform

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Now, one of the companies building security tools for SMBs has raised a round of funding to expand its business, underscoring the demand in the market for better defenses. It’s no longer selling directly to SMBs but is working with managed service providers that in turn sell and manage IT services for SMBs. MSPs, it found, were the primary route to getting their product to get used by SMBs (meaning direct business was not taking off). “Guardz has developed an impressive, holistic, and user-friendly cybersecurity and cyber insurance risk-assessment platform that is cleverly tailored to MSPs, who serve the often-overlooked long-tail small business market. We are excited to lead this funding round and join the Guardz team on their journey to secure the digital world for those who today need it most.”