“Small Business Savior: Turkish Startup ikas Raises $20M for Revolutionary E-Commerce Solution”

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It’s easy to assume the e-commerce ship has sailed when you consider we have giant platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Wix dominating the sector. E-commerce platform, ikas, has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round as it seeks to expand its operations into new markets in Europe. The company currently operates in Turkey and Germany, and says its platform simplifies store management for companies that want to have a digital presence. Also investing in ikas is Re-Pie Asset Management, which has grocery delivery startup Getir in its portfolio as well. The round saw participation from ikas’ existing investor Revo Capital, best known as the first institutional investor in Getir, Param, Midas and Roamless.

“Security Made Simple: Sprinto Secures $20M for Automated Compliance Management”

Sprinto Founders Girish Redekar Raghuveer Kancherla
Sprinto, a security compliance and risk platform, has raised a $20 million Series B round to build more automation into its compliance management platform and widen its customer base to include the wide gamut of companies that operate digitally but aren’t tech-first. Sprinto is working to automate this aspect of security compliance management, which involves vendor risk management, vulnerability assessment, access control, evidence collection and other filing tasks. Sprinto uses a mix of AI, GPTs and its own internal large language model to offer efficiencies in compliance management. The market for automated compliance management solutions already has players such as Vanta and Drata, which Sprinto considers its key competitors. However, Redekar said Sprinto primarily focuses on automating the entire compliance management process and helping businesses build trust.

“Introducing the $20M Generative AI Accelerator Program by Google.org”

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Google.org, Google’s charitable wing, is launching a new program to help fund nonprofits developing tech that leverages generative AI. Called Google.org Accelerator: Generative AI, the program is to be funded by $20 million in grants and include 21 nonprofits to start, including Quill.org, a company creating AI-powered tools for student writing feedback, and World Bank, which is building a generative AI app to make development research more accessible. “Generative AI can help social impact teams be more productive, creative and effective in serving their communities,” Annie Lewin, director of global advocacy at Google.org, said in a blog post. But there remain significant barriers for nonprofits looking to build their own AI solutions or adopt third-party products — chiefly cost, resources and time. Nonprofit accelerator Fast Forward said that this year, more than a third of applicants for its latest class were AI companies.

“Orkes Secures $20M in Series A Funding for Microservices Orchestration Technology”

Credit Michael Odonnell Photo. Orkes Founders L R Viren Baraiya Co Cto Dilip Lukose Cpo Jeu George Ceo Boney Sekh Co Cto
Back in 2016, Netflix open-sourced Conductor, its microservices orchestration platform, but last December, it announced that it would discontinue maintaining it. Thankfully, for the many companies that rely on it, the creators of Conductor had previously left the company to launch Orkes, a startup that provides an enterprise-grade microservices platform based on the open-source project. As Orkes co-CTO Viren Baraiya told me, the project quickly became popular within Netflix. Currently, Orkes offers Conductor as a fully managed platform on the customer’s cloud of choice, as well as a Conductor-based AI orchestration platform. The founders of Orkes wrote a new playbook for building and operating complex, observable and large-scale applications when they helped create the Conductor open-source project at Netflix.

EVCS, an electric transportation recharge company, seeks to secure $20 million in funding

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Electric vehicle charging company EVCS is raising a $20 million round, TechCrunch+ has exclusively learned. The startup has so far raised $7.5 million of the $20 million target, according to paperwork the company filed with the SEC on Wednesday. If EVCS can raise the rest, this round would make for a slight step up from the $18.8 million Series A the company raised in July 2022, perhaps as an extension to that round. But the round also suggests a tempering of expectations at the startup, which reportedly explored raising $125 million as recently as this June. The funds would have helped the company add more than 2,000 fast chargers to its network.

“Verve Motion Secures $20 Million in Funding for Exosuit Enterprise Expansion”

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“Verve is pioneering a new class of connected wearable technology for the industrial sector by integrating robotics into functional apparel,” Galiana said. But Galiana perceived applications well beyond combat; Galiana launched Verve in 2020 to commercialize his and his team’s tech for industrial as well as retail and manufacturing settings. Verve’s mission is to power the human workplace through people-centric robotics.”Verve’s powered exosuit is customizable to workers and tasks, intended to be worn like a regular backpack. “The challenge [we face] is to convey that the goal is to create a safer and more efficient future for industrial workers,” Galiana said. “As we heighten awareness regarding the advantages of soft exosuit, we anticipate a rapid transition towards a future where wearable robotic technology seamlessly merges with our everyday work attire.”Aspirational?