“Flat $2.6B Valuation: Cyber Asset Management Leader Axonius Secures $200M Investment”

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As an extension round, the valuation is also remaining flat, at $2.6 billion. (Prior to that, the company raised a $100 million round in 2021 at a $1.2 billion valuation.) “I didn’t feel the need to increase the valuation from the last round,” CEO and founder Dean Sysman, answered when asked about the decision. Axonius is one of a group of specialist firms building platforms to help manage this. “We’ve been a longstanding partner of Axonius, and we like to double down into our best performing companies.

“Humanoid Robot Craze: Figure Surfs to $2.6B Valuation and Forges Partnerships with OpenAI and Microsoft”

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It did so, however, with the ambitious goal of creating a walking bipedal robot in a year’s time. Humanoid robots are having a moment. The goal of the deal is to “develop next generation AI models for humanoid robots,” according to Figure. “We are excited to collaborate with Figure and work towards accelerating AI breakthroughs,” says Microsoft Corporate VP, Jon Tinter. Mechatronics are easier to judge in a short video than AI and autonomy, and from that perspective, the Figure 01 robot appears quite dexterous.