Orbit Fab reveals revolutionary $30K spaceport for satellite refueling

An Orbit Fab Fuel Shuttle Is Docking With An On Orbit Satellite Equipped With A Rafti Refueling Port
On its website, Orbit Fab says its hydrazine delivery service in geostationary orbit will cost $20 million for up to 100 kilograms. Given the simplicity of the architecture, nailing each part of the hardware is critical; hence why it’s taken years for Orbit Fab to debut the refueling port. Orbit Fab is aiming to sell 100 fueling ports this year, which will put the RAFTI “on a decent percentage of satellites going to orbit,” Faber said. “SpaceX has made rockets reusable, Orbit Fab makes satellites reusable,” Faber said. The same is true of satellites: if you’re not making your satellites reusable, you’re just putting preordained junk into orbit.”