Revamped and Rebooming: Cutting-edge Pepper Spray Startup 444 Returns to CES with a Game-changing Partnership Opportunity

20240111 Dsc00281
A year ago, at CES, I broke out the snark-hammer at 444, a startup that was trying to make a ‘smart’ pepper spray device. To my surprise, it had landed a significant partnership, co-development, and co-branding deal with Mace, one of the biggest names in the sprayable self-defense sector. “When you deploy the device, pepper spray comes out. I often end up seeing startups at CES that seem completely pointless (this year, my eyes did backflips over Direction 9. This serves as a great great reminder that, for true entrepreneurs, it takes more than a snarky post from an opinionated blogger to encourage them to throw in the towel.