Critique of Protecto’s $4M Seed Pitch Deck

Protecto Pdt
The left-hand side of the slide has too much info (why are funding, product and customers on the team slide?) Three things that Protecto could have improvedPitch deck design isn’t usually that important, but the design of this deck is particularly bad. These case studies aren’t case studiesIn a 14-slide deck, Protecto wastes slide 4 as an interstitial (it just says “our platform”). The full pitch deckIf you want your own pitch deck teardown featured on TechCrunch, here’s more information. Also, check out all our Pitch Deck Teardowns all collected in one handy place for you!

“Empowering Individuals from Unstable Economies: Nsave Secures $4 Million for Offshore Account Access”

Amerabdallah Pr
Nsave, a fintech based in Geneva making banking in Switzerland accessible to people in countries at war or those with unstable banking sectors or facing high inflation, has raised $4 million seed funding. Amer Baroudi and Abdallah AbuHashem co-founded nsave in 2021 from lived experiences. “And then based on the risk scores, you might be prompted into different streams of questions or enhanced due-diligence mechanisms. Also, in war-torn countries like Sudan, people with savings in local banks have a hard time accessing their money. “Now nsave is live, there’s finally a trusted option to protect their users against the rampant inflation of distressed economies, providing safe, stable offshore accounts to people who need them the most.”