“Cape Rakes in $61M from A16Z and Beyond for Privacy-Focused Mobile Service”

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That’s privacy by design.”The funding is notable in part because Cape appeal to users is not yet proven. The latest round is being co-led by A* and Andreessen Horowitz, with XYZ Ventures, ex/ante, Costanoa Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Forward Deployed VC, and Karman Ventures also participating. Those jobs may exposed him to users (government departments) who treated the security of personal information and privacy around data usage as essential. (Cape today also announced a partnership with USCellular — which itself provides a MNVO covering 12 cellular networks, and Doyle said that it’s talking with other telcos, too). Although payments for this might be anonymous, a user’s data is still routed through the network infrastructure of the underlying carrier, making a users movements and usage observable.

Inngest Secures $6.1M in Funds for Workflow Engine Expansion

Inngest Team Sept 2023
As Inngest founders Tony Holdstock-Brown (CEO) and Dan Farrelly (CTO) told me, the team added new flow control features, for example, which now make it easier to manage concurrency down to the user level. Inngest will handle the queues and database state for these functions and the developers don’t have to do anything special to make that work. Combining that with the new flow control features, Inngest argues, is unlocking a lot of new capabilities for users. “The durability and the reliability, which we have, combined with the flow control aspect allows you to build into this reliability layer. The Inngest team also expanded its language support from only offering a TypeScript SDK to also offering Python and Go SDKs — and users can migrate between them as needed without having to shut down their functions.