“Pepper Bio: A $6.5M Seed Funding Presentation”

Pepper Bio Pdt
Happy New Year, and welcome to the 78th installment of Pitch Deck Teardown! This week, we are taking a closer look at Pepper Bio‘s seed pitch deck that landed the company $6.5 million. Unlike CancerVax (which I ripped apart in a previous teardown for being completely unbelievable), Pepper Bio has a strong team and a lot of promise. In a world that’s often laden with deeply technical language, Pepper Bio sets itself apart for a moment. In the rest of this teardown, we’ll look at three things Pepper Bio could have improved or done differently, along with its full pitch deck!

Verdane Invests $65M in Meltwater: The Rising Media Monitoring Startup

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The investment is coming by way of Verdane taking a substantial stake Fountain Venture, the investment vehicle controlled by the founder and current chairman of Meltwater, Jørn Lyseggen. Joakim Kjemperud, a principal at Verdane, said the deal also gives his firm a stake in an HR firm, Jobylon, although Meltwater is by far the bigger asset. In that context, it’s notable that Verdane opted to invest in Fountain Venture rather than directly in Meltwater. That will give Verdane not only the stake in Meltwater, but also a stake in Jobylon and whatever else Fountain and Lyseggen find interesting. Meltwater built AI in-house and has acquired a stream of businesses in an analytics consolidation play.