Apple Decides to Scrap Car Production: A Look at the Company’s Failed Endeavors

The company did it with the iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch and, most recently, with its AirPods (the jury is still out on Vision Pro). Prior to Project Titan, there have been several Apple efforts that failed to see the light of day. Like Project Titan, Apple never publicly disclosed its existence before it was reportedly scrapped years back. However, Apple scrapped it and delivered MessagePad, a smaller version of the MessageSlate prototype, later in the year. Well before the iPhone, Apple tested a “telephone Mac” codenamed W.A.L.T.

“Netflix Drops Open Source Project, Leaving Orkes Forks Without a Conductor”

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Netflix today announced that it is discontinuing its support for Conductor, a popular orchestration engine for microservices the streaming giant open-sourced in 2016. While Netflix will no longer be maintaining this repo, members of the Conductor community have been active in promoting alternative forks of this project, so we trust that the health of the community will remain strong moving forward.”One of those companies is Orkes, a startup founded by the engineers who originally created the Conductor project while they were at Netflix. The team plans to maintain in close relationship with the rest of the Conductor community. “We are excited to work in partnership with the broader community to ensure that Conductor continues to thrive and this new chapter for Conductor OSS reflects the collective vision of this thriving community,” Orkes writes in its announcement. This makes it easier for developers to add language models and machine learning inferencing to their workflows by leveraging Orkes’ pre-built integrations with services like Azure Open AI, OpenAI and Google’s Vertex AI.