Customized Keyboard Shortcuts Now Available on ChromeOS

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Google is rolling out the April update to ChromeOS users with features like the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse button actions. The update also brings improved offline text-to-speech voice support. The ChromeOS M123 update is rolling out to users over the next few days. The main new feature is a way to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to actions. The company said that the keyboard customization shortcut will be enabled by default with the next ChromeOS update M124.

SECO Stage Separation Test Sparks FAA Investigation of Second Starship Burn Trial

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The Federal Aviation Administration has concluded its review of SpaceX’s investigation of the second Starship launch in November, with the regulator saying Monday that it accepted the “root causes and 17 corrective actions” identified by the company. While this means the investigation is now closed, SpaceX must implement all the corrective actions and apply for a modified launch license before it can fly Starship again. When any rocket launch encounters catastrophic issues during flight, the FAA opens what’s known as a “mishap investigation” — that’s what’s happened here. After the first test, the FAA directed SpaceX to complete 63 corrective actions. “More Starships are ready to fly, putting flight hardware in a flight environment to learn as quickly as possible.