Incorporating Affinity: Enhancing Canva’s Competitive Edge Against Adobe’s Creative Suite

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Canva has typically targeted the beginner for their products, but company co-Founder Cliff Obrecht sees the acquisition opening the door to more advanced users. “Canva needed products with more complex capabilities to go up against Adobe,” Wang told TechCrunch. In a blog post on the Affinity website, CEO Ashley Hewson tried to allay customer fears about the change. “In Canva, we’ve found a kindred spirit who can help us take Affinity to new levels. With Affinity, Canva gains 3 million users worldwide along with 90 employees who will be joining the company.

“Developers Can Now Access Over 20 Cutting-Edge APIs from Adobe’s Firefly Services”

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Adobe today announced Firefly Services, a set of over 20 new generative and creative APIs, tools and services. Firefly Services makes some of the company’s AI-powered features from its Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop available to enterprise developers to speed up content creation in their custom workflows — or create entirely new solutions. In addition, the company also today launched Custom Models, which allows businesses to fine tune Firefly models based on their assets. Custom Models is already built into Adobe’s new GenStudio. In addition to these AI features, Firefly Services also exposes tools for editing text layers, tagging content and applying presets from Lightroom, for example.

“Transforming Brands: GenStudio by Adobe Introduces Safe and Innovative AI for Marketers”

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Brands want to use generative AI to personalize their marketing efforts — but they are also deathly afraid of AI going off message and ruining their brand. At its annual Summit conference in Las Vegas, Adobe today announced GenStudio, a new application that helps brands create content and measure its performance, with generative AI — and the promise of brand safety — at its center. Adobe wants GenStudio, which it first previewed last September, to be an end-to-end solution to help marketers tailor their content to different channels and audience segments. That, of course, is where generative AI comes in, since it can speed up content creation dramatically. The tools also continuously checks that anything a user creates in GenStudio is within a brand’s guidelines.