New Study Reveals Majority of Adults on TikTok Don’t Share Videos

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Adults on TikTok lean camera-shy, a new study from Pew Research Center suggests. From the TikTok research, the top 25% most active posters were responsible for 98% of all public videos. The study also found that age wasn’t necessarily a factor in assessing adults’ TikTok posting habits. Another finding showed that 85% of TikTok users say they find the content on their For You page to be at least somewhat interesting. This research arrives as a third of U.S. adults say that they use TikTok; among the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, that percentage jumps to 56%.

Improving Mobility for Seniors: The Revolutionary Samsung EX1 Wearable Robot

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Muscle mass tends to decline as you get older, impacting your walking and increasing the risk of falls. “Using the wearable robot EX1, older adults can effectively perform simple exercises such as walking and fitness, thereby improving their quality of life,” says research lead, Professor Wan-hee Lee. “Our findings provide a solid foundation for developing various types of improved and advanced wearable robots,” Lee. “This will further expand the global wearable robot market, promoting further research and commercialization.”It’s not certain when or if the Samsung EX1 might actually hit the market. Even so, anticipate assistive wearable robotics becoming a lot more prevalent over the next decade.