“Amid a Wave of Safety Incidents, Boeing CEO to Depart Company by Year’s End”

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Boeing CEO to leave company by year-end, after a wave of safety incidentsBoeing’s chief executive Dave Calhoun will leave the plane-maker by the end of 2024, according to the company. Boeing operates an innovation acceleration programme aimed at startup’s called Aerospace Xelerated, formerly known as the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI). It is also surrounding by a large ecosystem of aerospace startups that engage with the company. TechCrunch has reached out to Aerospace Xelerated for comment. In a company statement, Calhoun said he planned to “complete the critical work underway to stabilize and position the company for the future” over the coming months.

“Revolutionizing the Aerospace Industry: In Orbit’s Mission as the Preferred Third-Party Logistics Partner for Science and Beyond”

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In Orbit Aerospace wants to be the third party logistics provider for science and industryTwo year old space startup In Orbit Aerospace wants to be the third party logistics provider for Earth to space commerce – and to get there, the company just closed a new agreement to validate key technical capabilities on the International Space Station. The El Segundo, California-based company is developing orbital platforms and re-entry vehicles to enable mass manufacturing and research in space. “Automation and robotics is the backbone of industrial manufacturing on Earth,” CEO Ryan Elliott said in a statement. On a slightly longer scale, In Orbit is aiming to launch a second mission in 2026 and then partner with a spacecraft provider to host a manufacturing lab on orbit. In Orbit is expecting that its core customers will be manufacturers, who will want to outsource on orbit hosting.