“Rubrik and Ibotta: Showcasing Their Journey from YC to IPO at the Winter 2024 Demo Day”

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What a week, everyone. Two full days of Y Combinator demo day activity kept us busy, but the latest accelerator cohort’s launch was far from the only big story in startup-land. Then to close out, we chatted through the impending Ibotta and Rubrik IPOs. The latter deal could provide a fascinating heat-check for unprofitable unicorns that need to find some sort of exit, and quickly. All told we chatted through startups from their very earliest form all the way through their most mature.

Navigating Series A Pitfalls: A Discussion with Lightspeed’s Alex Kayyal at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024

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There is perhaps no bigger jump for a startup to make than from the incubatory seed stage to its Series A round. Enter Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Alex Kayyal, who is coming to TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 to discuss how startups can avoid common pitfalls on the path to raising their own Series A. Not that raising an A round was ever easy — how many times have we discussed a Series A crunch at TechCrunch over the years? And, of course, as with all TechCrunch Early Stage events, he’ll answer questions directly. Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024?

Is Stripe’s IPO inevitable before achieving AGI?

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Will we reach AGI before Stripe goes public? This is our Friday episode, when we dig back through the most critical stories and themes from the week. Here’s what Mary Ann and Alex got into:Stripe’s valuation recovers: As part of a tender offer, Stripe is now worth $65 billion. As part of a tender offer, Stripe is now worth $65 billion. AI and the law: Microsoft’s move to invest in French AI company Mistral is not a bad way to spread its bets.

“Revolutionary High-Speed Aircraft: Notion’s Cutting Edge Calendar App Takes Flight as CES Denies Sex Tech Entrance”

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Welcome, folks, to TechCrunch Week in Review (WiR), a digest of the past few days in tech happenings. As I write this, snow’s gracing New York City — an increasingly rare treat thanks to our changing climate. Notion launches a calendar app: Notion, the incredibly popular note-taking and project management service, has launched a stand-alone calendar service. AnalysisCES chases off sex tech: Despite being an industry that caters to a universal human experience, sex tech has always had an uneasy association with CES, Haje writes. And this year, the conference effectively managed to chase the sex tech industry off its show floors — for better or worse.