“Amazon Takes a $4B Gamble on Anthropic’s Triumph”

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The current AI wave is a never-ending barrage of news items. To understand what I mean, ask yourself how long you spent considering the fact that Amazon put another $2.75 billion into Anthropic AI last week. We’ve become inured to the capital influx that is now common in AI, even as the headline numbers get even bigger. Sure, Amazon is slinging cash at Anthropic, but single-digit billions are chump change compared to what some companies have planned. Hell, even smaller tech companies — compared to the true giants — are spending to stay on the cutting edge.

” New Models from Anthropic Outperform GPT-4

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All show “increased capabilities” in analysis and forecasting, Anthropic claims, as well as enhanced performance on specific benchmarks versus models like GPT-4 (but not GPT-4 Turbo) and Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra (but not Gemini 1.5 Pro). A model’s context, or context window, refers to input data (e.g. In a technical whitepaper, Anthropic admits that Claude 3 isn’t immune from the issues plaguing other GenAI models, namely bias and hallucinations (i.e. Unlike some GenAI models, Claude 3 can’t search the web; the models can only answer questions using data from before August 2023. Here’s the pricing breakdown:Opus: $15 per million input tokens, $75 per million output tokensSonnet: $3 per million input tokens, $15 per million output tokensHaiku: $0.25 per million input tokens, $1.25 per million output tokensSo that’s Claude 3.