Android Studio’s newest update: Gemini integration provides increased coding support

Google Gemini
Google continues rolling out Gemini to different products as today the company announced that Android Studio’s bot is getting upgraded with Gemini Pro. In May 2023, during the Google IO developer event, the company first introduced Studio Bot powered by the PaLM-2 foundation model. The company is rolling out Gemini in Android Studio in over 180 countries for the Android Studio Jellyfish version. Just like the Studio Bot, the new Gemini bot lives in the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and developers can ask coding-related questions. The company said users can easily access the Gemini API starter template through Android Studio to add generative AI-powered features to their apps.

“Enhancing Employee Support: Journey’s Acquisition of Felt, a Mental Health Startup”

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Employee-focused mental health company Journey is acquiring Felt, a startup formerly known as Mine’d that specializes in matching individuals with therapists using artificial intelligence. Journey, which offers a mental health employee assistance program used by companies like Walgreens and Universal Music Group, says the acquisition aligns with its mission to revolutionize employee well-being and mental health support while leveraging the power of AI. While Felt’s technology was initially designed for a consumer-facing app, it will be integrated into Journey’s backend product. Journey CEO and founder Stephen Sokoler told TechCrunch that Felt’s technology will be integrated into the company’s Proactive EAP platform. The company plans to pair Felt’s AI-based technology with its existing human-enabled therapist pairings in order to better match employees with therapists.