“AI Assistants by Quilt: Empowering Solution Teams”

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But despite this being the case, rarely are solutions teams adequately staffed and resourced, according to entrepreneur Dan Chen. So with his friend Michael Graczyk (with whom Chen also co-founded Hero), he created Quilt, a platform that hosts AI assistants for solutions sales teams. Surveys show that many businesses are concerned about the privacy and security risks associated with generative AI. But the majority believe generative AI has the potential to boost productivity by streamlining existing tasks. “Given the kinds of customers Quilt is working with, we’re well-positioned to be the preferred AI partner for solutions teams,” Chen said.

Will a striking design differentiate rabbit’s r1 pocket AI from a multitude of virtual assistants?

Rabbit R1 Top
In a sea of AI-enabled gadgets at CES, the rabbit r1 (all lowercase, they insist) stands out not just for its high-vis paint job and unique form factor, but because of its dedication to the bit. “The phone is an entertainment device, but if you’re trying to get something done it’s not the highest efficiency machine. After all, that’s what our so-called “AI assistants” have supposedly been doing for the last five or six years. Even so, even if the rabbit r1 is better or cuter, people prefer simplicity and convenience. Why would they pay money to carry a second device when their first one does most of those tasks?