“Premium Spotify users in Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand can now enjoy free audiobooks with new perk launch”

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Spotify announced on Tuesday that it’s bringing its free audiobooks perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Users in these markets will be able to access 15 hours of free monthly audiobook listening time. Spotify says users have listened to more than 150,000 titles since the free service’s launch last November. If you run out of listening hours, you can purchase additional 10-hour allocations for CAD $14.99, IRE €12.99, and NZD $19.99. Spotify recently launched a $9.99 per month plan that allows its free users to access its audiobooks collection in the U.S.

“Discover the Shocking Truth in Reesa Teesa’s ‘Who Did I Marry?’ TikToks: A Captivating Audio Experience”

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TikTok’s latest viral superstar is Reesa Teesa, a Georgia woman who posted 50 videos — just under 10 minutes long apiece — chronicling her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband. But Reesa’s videos marked the first time that I went for a walk while listening to TikToks, my phone tucked away in my pocket. “The series, ‘who the f— did I marry,’ is not something that you have to sit down and hold your phone and watch,” Reesa said in a TikTok on Wednesday. But Reesa is taking advantage of TikTok’s playlist feature, which transitions from one video to the next in order. When we watch Reesa do mundane things in her TikTok “audiobook,” she subtly signals to us that no matter how bad things got with her ex-husband, she’s still standing.

“Discover 6 Fantastic Audiobook Apps That Stand Out from Audible”

Woman Listening Audiobook offers a 30 day free trial that comes with three free audiobooks. The platform lets you download titles for offline reading and listening, and allows you access titles across four devices. Spotify has started giving Premium members 15 hours of free audiobook listening every month. Many best sellers fall under 15 hours, which means you can enjoy a free audiobook every month. is an interesting audiobook app because it lets you buy audiobooks while supporting your local bookstores.