“Expanding Reach: Google’s Gemini Arrives In New Apps, Cruise Cuts Staff, and Tesla Initiates Recall”

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In this edition of WiR, we cover Cruise slashing 24% of its driverless workforce (and, relatedly, Tesla’s autopilot recall), Twitch’s new nudity policy conundrum, Adobe’s updated app design language and Instagram launching a generative AI–powered background editor. Most readGemini comes to more apps: Google’s Gemini GenAI models — specifically Gemini Pro, a lightweight version of a more capable model, Gemini Ultra, set to arrive in the coming months — is making its way into more Google products. Duet AI, the company’s suite of dev assistance tools for code completion and generation, will soon start using Gemini. So will AI Studio (formerly MakerSuite), Google’s AI app design experience on the web, and Vertex AI, the tech giant’s managed AI dev platform for enterprises. Called Spectrum 2 (no surprise there), the new design system backs off a bit from the austerity of the current Spectrum design and adds quite a few more splashes of color.

Gen-AI Background Editing Tool Now Available on Instagram

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Instagram introduced its generative AI-powered background editing tool to U.S.-based users Wednesday. Meta’s lead for generative AI Ahmad Al-Dahle posted on Threads saying that the tool will let users change the background to their images through prompts for Stories. Earlier this week, Snapchat released a new tool for its paying users that let them create and send AI-generated images. Earlier this year, the social network rolled out the ability for Snapchat+ users to populate prompt-based backgrounds. At the same time, the company also launched a standalone AI-image generator called Imagine with Meta, powered by its own model called Emu.