Gen-AI Background Editing Tool Now Available on Instagram

Instagram introduced its generative AI-powered background editing tool to U.S.-based users Wednesday. Meta’s lead for generative AI Ahmad Al-Dahle posted on Threads saying that the tool will let users change the background to their images through prompts for Stories. Earlier this week, Snapchat released a new tool for its paying users that let them create and send AI-generated images. Earlier this year, the social network rolled out the ability for Snapchat+ users to populate prompt-based backgrounds. At the same time, the company also launched a standalone AI-image generator called Imagine with Meta, powered by its own model called Emu.

Instagram introduces new generative AI-powered background editor tool for U.S. users
on Threads, announced by Meta’s generative AI lead Ahmad Al-Dahle. This groundbreaking tool, integrated into Instagram’s Stories feature, allows users to transform their images by changing the background using various prompts.

  • Upon tapping the background editor icon on an image, users will be presented with a variety of prompts such as “On a red carpet,” “Being chased by dinosaurs,” and “Surrounded by puppies.”
  • Users also have the option to write their own prompts to create a custom background.

“Once a user posts a Story with the newly generated background, others will see a “Try it” sticker with the prompt so they can also play with the image generation tool.”

Snapchatters have a similar tool, released this week, exclusive to paying users to create and send AI-generated images. In August, the platform introduced “Dreams,” enabling users to generate their own unique images with various themes.
Earlier in the year, Snapchat rolled out background customization options for premium users as well.

However, Meta’s advancements in AI technology do not stop there.
In addition to Instagram and Snapchat, Meta has made its 28 AI-powered characters available across all its platforms, including WhatsApp and Messenger, for U.S. users. These characters can now be used with the support of Bing search and a better context window. Along with this update, Meta has launched a standalone AI-image generator, called Imagine with Meta, utilizing its own model named Emu.

With the continuous evolution and integration of AI technology in social media platforms, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. As Meta continues to innovate, we can only imagine what other groundbreaking tools and features they have in store.

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