“From Tragedy to Triumph: The Rise of Backpack Crypto Exchange following the Loss of Major Investor FTX”

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How crypto exchange Backpack climbed its way to success after its major investor FTX died Backpack hit $27.5 billion in total trading volume during its beta phaseBackpack’s founders, who are building a crypto exchange and wallet, have experienced strong growth since launching in 2022. There’s a bunch of lessons to learn from FTX, Ferrante said. This is done in hopes that there’s no single point of failure and that the operations of the Backpack crypto exchange can be split up across multiple entities. At the end of February, Backpack raised $17 million at a $120 million valuation in a Series A round led by Placeholder VC. But product distribution is top of mind for the exchange as it hopes to get into every country around the world.

Verve Motion’s Revolutionary Robot Backpack Reduces Burden on Workers

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Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to take Verve Motion’s SafeLift Exosuit for a spin. You put it on over your shoulders and then snap yourself in with a pair of chest straps. Next, another pair of soft straps are stretched around your thighs and Velcro-ed in place. The thigh straps are connected to a pair of soft fabric cables that retract into the backpack with a bit of a yank. Verve Motion sells SafeLift as part of a larger system featuring a wall of lockers/cubby holes used to store and charge the exosuits.