2023’s Continued Mishandling of Data Breaches: The Never-Ending Cycle

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Here we go again: 2023’s badly handled data breaches Delays, silence and unanswered questions follow these organizations into the new yearLast year, we compiled a list of 2022’s most poorly handled data breaches looking back at the bad behavior of corporate giants when faced with hacks and breaches. That included everything from downplaying the real-world impact of spills of personal information and failing to answer basic questions. Samsung won’t say how many customers hit by year-long data breachSamsung has once again made it onto our badly handled breaches list. Lyca Mobile later admitted a data breach, in which unnamed attackers had accessed “at least some of the personal information held in our system” during the hack. Data leaked by the gang, and reviewed by TechCrunch, included the personal data of thousands of CommScope employees, including full names, postal addresses, email addresses, personal numbers, Social Security numbers, passport scans and bank account information.

Surprising Success: The Truth About Startup Performance

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In the face of recent economic downturns and fears of a startup bubble-burst, it may be surprising to hear that startups are faring better than you might think. I’ve been talking to a bunch of founders who are struggling to raise funding — and that is a real problem — but there are some startups that focus on the business fundamentals that are still thriving. Looking at the numbers, this presents as an uptick in median runway length, a decrease in operating expenses, and an encouraging rise in profitable revenue. This is founders focusing on being more efficient,” Healy Jones, VP of financial strategy at Kruze Consulting, told me. It now stands at an impressive 12.5 months, significantly higher than the nine to 10 months usually expected after an average funding round.