HTC Vive Transforms into an Enterprise Solution Unnoticed by Many

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A lot has changed at HTC in the decade since a small team broke off to form its mixed reality division. These days, the mixed reality business comprises the “vast majority” of HTC’s global business, says Dan O’Brien. Ultimately, however, the consumer business has shrunk dramatically relative to its enterprise offerings. In recent years, Vive has expanded from a VR focus to mixed reality, utilizing passthrough technology similar to the kind found on the Vision Pro. We’re not there yet, but we definitely see that helping to develop the virtual reality space.

Enhancing Conference Spending ROI Measurement with Sproxxy

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Whenever you go to a conference, whether as a sales and marketing exercise, or an executive is speaking, there is a cost associated with that. For executives, it is time away from the office, the cost of a ticket for attending and travel costs. How do companies justify the cost of attending those events? The target market is midsize business to enterprises, who are looking for a way to manage this process. She eventually found Ivy Ventures, a firm that invested a modest $500,000 to get Sproxxy off the ground, and later added another $600,000.

Crafting a Successful Startup: A Blueprint for Success

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But this example is eerily similar to the pitch many startup founders make to potential investors. For a startup, the “finished house” isn’t bricks, mortar, and those cool USB power sockets, but it’s built with milestones and achievements. These are the “rooms” and “fixtures” investors are looking to find in the startup house. The journey of building a startup is an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns, much like the construction of a dream home. That’s startup life: You roll with the punches.

A Comprehensive Approach to Cryptocurrency: Examining the Long-Term Outlook

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“It’s the single best time to invest in [crypto] companies,” according to 10T Holdings and 1RoundTable Partners’ CEO, Dan Tapiero. Crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek has the inside scoop on why his firm is taking the long view to ride out the volatility of the web3 landscape as it raises its fourth fund. Get the TechCrunch+ Roundup newsletter in your inbox! I’m interested in working in space technology and will be applying for jobs in that field while I’m on OPT. I’ve heard that most space tech companies are reluctant to hire individuals on F-1 student visas due to export rules and other compliance issues.

Apple Pilots ‘Contingent Pricing’ to Retain App Store Developers in Anticipation of DMA Implementation

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In an effort to retain developers, Apple has begun its pilot tests of “contingent pricing,” a new way for them to market App Store subscriptions, TechCrunch has learned. That’s the case with the debut pilot test of contingent pricing that pairs up two apps: Structured and one sec. (An interesting choice for the pilot, given Apple and Meta’s ongoing beef over App Tracking Transparency, which Meta said harmed its business!) With contingent pricing, customers who subscribe to one of the apps can receive a discount if subscribing to the other. Apple says it helps the developers with the implementation of contingent pricing to make the redemption process “seamless” for customers purchasing through its App Store.

Build containers in the cloud with Docker’s revolutionary Build Cloud service

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At last year’s DockerCon, Docker launched its Docker Build remote build service and today it is taking this a step further with the launch of Docker Build Cloud, a fully managed service that, you guessed it, allows development teams to offload their image builds to the cloud. “Every week, millions of developers run ‘docker build [x],” Giri Sreenivas, Docker’s chief product officer, told me, referring to the standard command developers use to kick off their Docker builds. “Docker builds are being run in both places, so let’s go ahead and make sure we can support accelerating builds in either of those locations,” he said. Developers can then buy Docker Build Cloud plans starting at $5 per seat/month for 200 build minutes, with extra time on top of that costing $0.05/minute. That cloud mean, for example, that Docker Cloud Build would work in tandem with Docker Scout, its service for finding vulnerable packages in a container, and then create a more secure build that developers could switch over to.

Revitalizing Virtual Connections: EyeQ’s Approach to Maintaining Eye Contact during Video Calls

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There are a ton of tools out there that help you keep eye contact when talking with people online – some (Plexicam, CenterCam) place the camera in front of your screen. Others use AI to edit the video stream to make it look as if you’re looking at the camera (it’s creepy AF when done poorly). EyeQ is taking a different approach, and we took a closer look at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The lack of personal connection and the inability to maintain eye contact during video calls are major contributing factors to this issue. “Our primary focus is on the online healthcare and consultancy markets, where making authentic eye contact is crucial.

The Future of Gaming: A Startup’s Bold Belief in Embracing the Bane Look

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We previewed Skyted’s voice-capturing mask last week, but when I came across the startup at CES 2024, I had to check it out for myself in person. You can read all about the tech in our previous article, but what is it actually like in person? “We launched a mobile application that will give you information about how big your ‘sound bubble’ is. The team has some ideas:“We’re looking at various customer segments; mostly businesses, open spaces, like offices where this would be a huge. We also looking at B2C, for use cases such as gaming,” explains Daridon.

Bosch’s Vision: Unlocking the Potential of In-Car Eye-Tracking Beyond Safety

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Eye-tracking tech has been making its way into cars for years as a safety feature, especially with the rise of driver assistance software. Now, Bosch thinks the tech could offer some other benefits – and it’s showing off two ideas this week at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The first scenario is pretty straightforward (and very European): You’re driving home and the car recognizes that you’re looking pretty drowsy. The other is far more complicated: Eye-tracking tech could be used during your drive to figure out what points of interest you’re looking at, and the car could offer contextual information. Since Bosch is merely a supplier here, it’s up to the automakers to decide if – and more importantly, how – it wants to implement these ideas.

” VinFast: Vietnam’s Automobile Pioneer to Invest $2 Billion in India

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VinFast, Vietnam’s electric vehicle manufacturer, plans to initially invest $500 million to set up an integrated facility in India and break into the world’s third-largest automobile market. The memorandum of understanding with the state government of Tamil Nadu, unveiled on Saturday, earmarks an investment of up to $2 billion, the company said without giving a concrete timeframe. “We are delighted that VinFast has chosen to invest in Tamil Nadu to establish its integrated EV facility. Nonetheless, India has been an attractive market for global EV players as the country aims to have 30% electrification by 2030. Its India deal announcement follows VinFast naming its founder and biggest backer, Pham Nhat Voung, as CEO earlier on Saturday.