X (Twitter) Seems to Be Dealing with a Prevalent Bot Verification Issue

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It looks like X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has a Verified bot problem. It does appear that at least some of the bot accounts are older, according to the “join date” that’s displayed on their X profile. While a few were from real people joking about the bot problem, the majority were AI responses. It appears that the Verified bots are largely X accounts created in the November 24-26, 2023 timeframe. The company admitted last summer it had a Verified spammer problem when it announced new DM settings.

“Slash Your Cloud Expenses with ScaleOps’ Automated Kubernetes Setup”

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That was supposed to help solve a resource allocation problem because the containers should run just long enough to handle the job. But as Kubernetes environments have grown increasingly complex, it has created another set of problems as engineering teams have to manually change the Kubernetes configurations to handle shifting needs. It resulted in a lot of engineering time spent configuring resources and the end result was often inflated cloud bills. At a time when companies are looking to save on their cloud bills, he sees an opportunity to grow. ScaleOps has 30 employees today with plans to double that number by the end of next year.

“Projected Challenges for Startups: Necessity for IT Budget Growth in 2024”

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IT budgets should increase in 2024, but it still could be tough going for startupsI think most people would agree that 2023 was a challenging time to be a startup. Meanwhile, sales cycles were longer and many startups struggled to grow at a decent pace. This means that startups that aren’t well capitalized right now could continue to struggle in 2024, and the flipping of the calendar isn’t going to change that. It means they have to fight for their piece of enterprise budgets, and that, possibly, 2024 could look a lot like 2023. The budget outlookA good starting point for budget discussions is what the proposed budget looks like.