Maximizing Partnerships with Cloud Hyperscalers: The Key to Startup Success through Co-Selling Methods

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With a staggering 17% of the $13 trillion B2B (business-to-business) spending dedicated to it, “co-sell” dominated cloud marketplaces in 2023. Before going into the details of the “Better Together” GTM co-sell strategy, I want to lay the groundwork for what “co-selling” means. Since July 2023, co-selling with cloud marketplaces has become the new gold standard, as they are intricately intertwined and essential for forging prosperous partnerships with cloud services that ultimately enrich your business, your buyers, and your partners. The growth on the first level is product-led, which means the product is built on a hyperscaler’s cloud infrastructure. When crafting your co-sell GTM strategy, adhere to these five guiding principles:Alignment is key: Successful partnerships require alignment not just in goals, but also in mindset and philosophies.