Apple’s New Stance: Claiming 30% of Teacher Donations for Insight Timer Meditation App

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The CEO of meditation app Insight Timer, Christopher Plowman, is frustrated. That’s what happened with Insight Timer, a popular meditation app with around 25 million installs and 3 million monthly active users. Because Insight Timer doesn’t take a cut of users’ donations to favorite teachers, those donations shouldn’t be subject to Apple’s commission — or so Plowman believed. Insight Timer implemented the feature using Stripe as the payment provider on the backend, as the rule permits. During the time the commission-free donations feature was live, Insight Timer’s users donated roughly $100,000 per month to the app’s teachers, Plowman says.

“Discover Sound Meditation: Apple Fitness+ Unveils Unique Golf-Focused Workout Program”

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Apple Fitness+ now features a new workout program, “Strength, Core, and Yoga for Golfers,” designed by professional golfer Rose Zhang to improve strength, flexibility and mobility. The program features four workouts and is led by Fitness+ trainer Kyle Ardill. Rihanna is the first artist to get a dedicated workout playlist on Fitness+, with ten new workouts coming to the platform on January 8. Fitness+ is available as a subscription for $9.99 per month or it’s included with the Apple One Premier plan for $32.95 per month. Also, Apple recently partnered with Anytime Fitness, a U.S. gym franchise, to offer up to three months of Fitness+ at no additional cost.