“Introducing BeScene: The Film Industry’s Networking App with a Tinder Twist”

Networking app BeScene launches today to bring filmmakers and other creatives (actors/actresses, animators, cinematographers, costume designers, directors, editors, producers, production assistants, script coordinators, writers and so forth) a Tinder-like experience to help build connections within the entertainment industry. “The simplicity and familiarity allow each user to find what they need quickly and in a way that is meaningful: through real human connections,” Armistead says. Former Tinder executives attempted a similar strategy in 2018 with a networking app called Ripple, which uses the familiar swipe mechanism to match professionals with each other. HUSSLUP, another like-minded networking app for the film biz, also has a swipe feature, however, it’s more aligned with LinkedIn since it provides job search and posting capabilities. While BeScene hasn’t raised any external funding yet, the company gathered $250,000 from friends and family in 2022.

Sony orders the termination of the $10 billion Indian merger with Zee

Sony called off the merger between its India unit and Zee Entertainment on Monday, ending a two-year acquisition deliberation that would have created a $10 billion media powerhouse in the South Asian market. Sony said in a statement that it has sent a termination letter to Zee after the Indian firm failed to meet the conditions, despite a 30-day extension. Sony also sought for Zee to improve its finances, something that has only grown worse in recent quarters. The deal would have created a $10 billion media powerhouse in India, where billionaire Mukesh Ambani is increasingly flexing his wealth and reach. Zee and Sony have been important fixtures in the Indian TV industry for the last 25 years.

Getahead: Insurtech Giant Getsafe Secures Student Loan Platform for Upstream Client Expansion

Getsafe Ceo Christian Wiens And Deinestudienfinanzierung Ceo Bastian Krautwald
European insurtech company Getsafe has acquired deineStudienfinanzierung, an aptly named German digital platform for student loans that was showcased on the local version of “Shark Tank” in 2019. “Student loans are the second most popular form of external student financing in Germany after [grants]. Unlike in the U.S., universities in Germany are largely tuition-free, which means that student loans are generally used to cover living expenses. The financing volume has returned to previous levels since.”Just like Getsafe didn’t invent insurance, deineStudienfinanzierung didn’t invent student loans. By the time customers apply for a student loan, the barriers to switch are quite high.

“Revving Up for CES 2024: Superpedestrian’s E-Scooters on the Auction Block, Fisker Faces Sales Struggle”

Ces2024 Large
CES 2024 or bust, Superpedestrian e-scooters hit the auction block and Fisker struggles to meet sales goalsThe Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. I appreciated a bit of rest and recovery, just in time for CES 2024. The Big Three U.S. automakers (Ford, GM and Stellantis) won’t have big splashy displays and announcements as in past years. However, there will be plenty of automotive, and more broadly, transportation companies and startups in attendance. Shell Ventures, InMotion Ventures, Porsche Ventures, and Revo Capital also participated.

Internal documents reveal EV startup Fisker’s struggle to meet sales targets

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Fisker remains far from meeting CEO and founder Henrik Fisker’s publicly stated goal of delivering 300 electric SUVs per day globally, according to internal documents viewed by TechCrunch. The EV startup spent much of December aiming to meet an internal sales goal of between 100 and 200 vehicles a day in North America, where the bulk of its inventory and sales efforts are. Fisker is delivering its SUVs in a number of European countries, and contract manufacturer Magna Steyr builds them in Austria. Henrik Fisker told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the lack of a physical footprint has harmed sales here. The slow pace of deliveries has widened the gulf between the amount of Fisker Ocean SUVs being produced by Magna and the number sold.

“Encountering the Cyber-Criminals of the Future: A Look into 2023”

Cyber Criminals Indicted
This year was no different to last: we saw another round of high-profile busts, arrests, sanctions, and prison time for some of the most prolific cybercriminals in recent years. Twitter took drastic measures to rid the hackers from its network by temporarily blocking all of the site’s 200-million-plus users from posting. A New York judge sentenced the 24-year-old hacker to five years in prison, two of which O’Connor already served in pre-trial custody. Federal prosecutors this year accused a former Amazon employee of hacking into a cryptocurrency exchange and stealing millions worth of customers’ crypto. Why did a Russian man accused by U.S. prosecutors of ransomware attacks burn his passport?

Introducing Kosmik: The Ultimate Visual Canvas with Built-In PDF Reader and Web Browser

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Kosmik was founded in 2018 by Paul Rony and Christophe Van Deputte. And that’s when he started to build Kosmic, Rony told TechCrunch, drawing on a prior background in computing history and philosophy. It also features a built-in browser, saving users from having to switch windows when they need to find a relevant website link. Additionally, the platform also sports a PDF reader, which lets the user extract elements such as images and text. “I think that everything revolves around the idea that we do not have the best web browser, text editor or PDF reader,” Rony said.