Database leak reveals 2FA codes for global tech giants

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The Asian technology and internet company YX International manufactures cellular networking equipment and provides SMS text message routing services. YX International claims to send five million SMS text messages daily. But codes sent over SMS text messages are not as secure as stronger forms of 2FA, such as an app-based code generator, since SMS text messages are prone to interception or exposure — or in this case, leaking from a database onto the open web. TechCrunch found in the exposed database sets of internal email addresses and corresponding passwords associated with YX International, and alerted the company to the spilling database. YX International would not say for how long the database was exposed.

Apple prepares for iMessage’s capabilities in the age of quantum computing

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Apple announced today it is upgrading iMessage’s security layer to post-quantum cryptography, starting in iOS and iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, and watchOS 10.4. The technology giant said that in the coming years, quantum computers will be able to break today’s cryptography standards. That’s why Apple said it is changing how end-to-end encryption works with iMessage without the need for quantum-level processing power. Apple and other companies believe future quantum computers — capable of exponentially faster computations — could break today’s encryption standards. End-to-end messaging app Signal last year upgraded to post-quantum encryption algorithms to prevent future quantum-based decryption attacks.

Introducing Telegram’s Latest Feature: One-Time Access to Voice and Video Messages

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Telegram is rolling out a bunch of upgrades as part of its January feature drop including “view-once” video and audio messages, the ability to pause recording while sending a video or an audio message, and new read-time controls. Now, the company is extending this feature to voice and video messages. Users can hit the mic icon to start recording and then pull up to tap on the “view-once” icon to allow the recipient to hear the voice message or look at the video message just once. Additionally, Telegram is rolling out the ability to pause and resume recording for voice and video messages through the same menu. Telegram is also adding a way for people to see when the recipient reads your message in one-on-one private chats.

Congress demands DOJ probe Apple’s obstruction of Beeper iMessage app

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Apple’s move to cut off Beeper, the app that brought iMessage to Android users, already caught the attention of U.S. Of Commerce had earlier this year described Apple as a “gatekeeper” with a “monopoly position” in its mobile app ecosystem. Earlier this month, Beeper debuted an app called Beeper Mini, which leveraged new technology to bring support for blue bubble iMessage chats to Android users. Though the company was able to get a fix rolled out, Apple once again targeted Beeper’s users, deliberately blocking messages for about 5% of users, the company said. Lots more to come this week,” said Migicovsky, in a post on X about the letter, reported first by CBS Mornings in a segment about the Beeper app.