“Analyzing Metafuels’ $8M Climate Tech Seed Pitch Deck”

Pitch Deck Teardown
There are some minor redactions, but the bulk of this slide deck is intact. In 2022, around 300 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel was produced, and that doubled this year to more than 600 million liters, per the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Let yourself nerd out about the techWhen you’re building a deep tech company, the tallest pole in the tent is always going to be the tech itself. Make it work, then make it work at small scale, then scale to production scale. In the rest of this teardown, we’ll take a look at three things Metafuels could have improved or done differently, along with its full pitch deck!

Metafuels: A Forward-Thinking Investment for a More Sustainable Future – Securing $8 Million for Greener Skies

Metafuels sets out to change the landscape of sustainable jet fuel, and has just picked up an $8 million suitcase from baggage carousel 3 at its local ZRH. The company is making the sky green — literally — with its new fuel, which it calls aerobrew. The company is focusing on jet fuel as its primary output, buying a ticket to make jet fuel conforming to aviation standards. “Operational safety is paramount from fuel handling on the ground to high-altitude combustion performance,” notes Leigh Hackett, co-founder and CCO at Metafuels. Metafuels’ eSAF technology enables a seamless transition away from fossil-based kerosene using a process they developed to convert green methanol to eSAF.