Metafuels: A Forward-Thinking Investment for a More Sustainable Future – Securing $8 Million for Greener Skies

Metafuels sets out to change the landscape of sustainable jet fuel, and has just picked up an $8 million suitcase from baggage carousel 3 at its local ZRH. The company is making the sky green — literally — with its new fuel, which it calls aerobrew. The company is focusing on jet fuel as its primary output, buying a ticket to make jet fuel conforming to aviation standards. “Operational safety is paramount from fuel handling on the ground to high-altitude combustion performance,” notes Leigh Hackett, co-founder and CCO at Metafuels. Metafuels’ eSAF technology enables a seamless transition away from fossil-based kerosene using a process they developed to convert green methanol to eSAF.

The aviation industry is constantly growing and evolving, but with that growth comes a significant impact on the environment. That’s where Metafuels comes in, promising to revolutionize the industry with their sustainable jet fuel, aerobrew.

Recently, the company received an impressive $8 million investment, which they picked up from baggage carousel 3 at their local ZRH airport in Zurich. It’s clear that with this support, Metafuels is dedicated to making the sky a greener place.

But what exactly sets Metafuels apart? For one, their fuel is made using renewable electricity and is appropriately named eSAF. Co-founder and CCO, Leigh Hackett, explains that the fuel must meet all aviation standards and perform in various challenging environments, from extreme cold to scorching heat.

“Operational safety is paramount,” says Hackett.

Metafuels is also focused on jet fuel as their primary product. To make this possible, they are investing in creating a fuel that complies with aviation standards. This is no easy feat, given the demanding conditions that jet fuel must endure.

“The fuel has to operate in all sorts of inhospitable environments,” Hackett explains.

But the company is up for the challenge. They have set a goal to produce a 100% synthetic jet fuel substitute by 2030 that can easily integrate into existing renewable energy systems. This would be an incredible achievement, as it would reduce our reliance on conventional fossil fuels.

Competitors in this space include LanzaJet, but the recent $8 million investment is a significant boost for Metafuels and their ambitious plans. They believe that as the costs of traditional fuels continue to rise and environmental concerns become more pressing, the initial production costs of their ISAF will be offset.

The investment was led by Energy Impact Partners and Contrarian Ventures, demonstrating the level of confidence in Metafuels’ eSAF technology. This technology allows for a smooth transition away from fossil-based kerosene by converting sustainably-sourced green methanol into eSAF. The methanol is produced using hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide, both of which can be sustainably sourced. Green H2 is generated through water electrolysis driven by renewable electricity, while CO2 can be captured from biogenic sources such as waste and residue.

But the long-term plan for Metafuels goes even further. They hope to eventually implement direct air capture, a process that essentially involves capturing gas and then using it to power planes, effectively putting it back into the air. It is a wonderfully poetic solution that could serve as a temporary bridge until battery or hydrogen-powered planes become more widespread.

Metafuels’ aerobrew is truly a game-changer. Not only is it a sustainable alternative to traditional jet fuel, but it also boasts the unique ability to fuel aircraft without any modifications. CEO and co-founder Saurabh Kapoor emphasizes this advantage, noting, “Because it’s a form of kerosene, you can use the same pipelines, infrastructure, storage, transportation and aircraft.”

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Metafuels stands out as a pioneer of sustainable aviation fuel. Their impressive investment and innovative approach demonstrate their dedication and determination to make the sky a greener place for all.

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