Assisting Businesses with Offline Deployment of LLMs: Giga ML’s Solution

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In search of one, they founded Giga ML, a startup building a platform that lets companies deploy LLMs on-premise — ostensibly cutting costs and preserving privacy in the process. “Giga ML addresses both of these challenges.”Giga ML offers its own set of LLMs, the “X1 series,” for tasks like generating code and answering common customer questions (e.g. But it’s tough to say how X1 compares qualitatively; this reporter tried Giga ML’s online demo but ran into technical issues. Even if Giga ML’s models are superior in some aspects, though, can they really make a splash in the ocean of open source, offline LLMs? “Giga ML’s mission is to help enterprises safely and efficiently deploy LLMs on their own on-premises infrastructure or virtual private cloud,” Vummadi said.