Intelligent Invertebrates: The Solution to 24/7 Waterway Monitoring for Pollution

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But a French startup is going further, allowing bivalves like clams, mussels, and oysters to act as all-natural water quality inspectors. The company began as a research project some 15 years ago at the University of Bordeaux. As largely stationary filter feeders, they are quite in tune with their surroundings, and their habits are affected by things like temperature, pollution, and so on. The molluSCAN-eye system won’t replace traditional water monitoring, but as a living part of the water ecosystem, its health and the health of its surroundings are closely linked. Quinault is hoping that municipalities and natural resource authorities will shell out for the tech as a totally natural, harmless, and low-touch way to watch their waterways.

Schmidt Futures Invests $6M in Cloudline’s Quest for Sustainable Aerial Autonomy

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South African aerospace startup Cloudline has secured $6 million in funding as it aims to lead the global frontier of carbon emissions-free autonomous flight. Schmidt Futures, the philanthropic venture founded by ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Wendy Schmidt, is an investor in the seed round. Working in East Africa, notably in Kenya and Uganda, highlighted the substantial impact of infrastructure on people’s lives. The following year, Horne founded Cloudline at the intersection of technology, transportation and its implications on community outcomes. Earlier in the year, Cloudline performed proving flights for authorities in Kenya, marking it as the first airship to fly in East Africa.

Verdane Invests $65M in Meltwater: The Rising Media Monitoring Startup

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The investment is coming by way of Verdane taking a substantial stake Fountain Venture, the investment vehicle controlled by the founder and current chairman of Meltwater, Jørn Lyseggen. Joakim Kjemperud, a principal at Verdane, said the deal also gives his firm a stake in an HR firm, Jobylon, although Meltwater is by far the bigger asset. In that context, it’s notable that Verdane opted to invest in Fountain Venture rather than directly in Meltwater. That will give Verdane not only the stake in Meltwater, but also a stake in Jobylon and whatever else Fountain and Lyseggen find interesting. Meltwater built AI in-house and has acquired a stream of businesses in an analytics consolidation play.

Feds Call for Implementation of Anti-Drunk Driving Technology in Cars: Obstacles and Solutions Revealed

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The in-car tech used by the likes of Ford and GM to make sure drivers pay attention to the road has come a long way. NHTSA says it evaluated 331 driver monitoring systems and found none that are commercially available that can properly handle identifying alcohol impairment. Driver monitoring isn’t the only option NHTSA has at its disposal, though. Accuracy is key, and according to NHTSA’s findings, blood alcohol detection tech is a more viable near-term answer. But this tech is considered “active,” meaning the driver has to proactively engage with the tech — which flies in the face of the law’s passive requirement.